This website has been conceptualized and developed by Rajib Sarma and Bandana Sarma, who are descendants of a practicing hereditary Chandipathak Priest family of the Kamakhya Temples’ Complex located on the Nilachala Hills. They are also Purnabhisheka Sadhakas (full adepts) in the Kulacara Tantra Marga (Tantric tradition) of the Kamakhya Temples’ Complex.

Saubhagya Kunda and Sri Sri Kamakhya Temple (Photo courtesy of Kulasundari Devi, © 2012)

The Kamakhya Temple along with a network of temples dedicated to the Mahavidyas and other deities located on the Nilachala Hills in Assam is one of the world’s most important sites of goddess worship.

On the Nilachala hills, peetha of the great Goddess Kamakhya is located, surrounded by the peethas and shrines of Mahavidyas, other Goddesses, Pancha Shivas, Ganeshas, Vishnu, other deities and numerous sacred sites, scattered all over the hill. This makes the Nilachala hills a sacred complex and one of the world’s most important sites of goddess worship.

The place that popularly known Kamakhya, actually is a hill system comprising of three segments (i.e. Brahma, Shiva and Varaha hill) referred to in the scriptures as Nilachala, is also referred variously as Kamagirii, Mahagiri, Kamakhya Yonimandala and Kamakuta. This is thus the installation of a delicately conceptualized and intrinsically interconnected network of peethas, shrines, sacred ponds, other sacred sites, etc. keeping Kamakhya temple as the focal point. Hence, use of the phrase Kamakhya Temples’ Complex of Nilachala hills instead of just Kamakhya is more appropriate for a better understanding of the site.

The peethas of the other Mahavidyas (except Goddess Tara), Pancha Shiva and other Goddesses are identically similar in nature to that of the peetha of Goddess Kamakhya. In fact, inside a dark cave or the garbhagriha (sanctum sanctorum)of the Kamakhya temple, peethas of three Mahavidyas of the Dasa Mahavidyas are located, i.e. the third Mahavidya Tripura Sundari or Sodasi known as Goddess Kamakhya, the ninth Mahavidya Matangi (Goddess Saraswati) and the tenth Mahavidya Kamala (Goddess Laxmi).

As a pilgrimage center for Hindus, Buddhists and practitioners of various streams of Tantrism for well over a thousand years, it has developed a uniquely syncretic religious culture. Millions of devotees from all over the world visit the Kamakhya Temples’ Complex every year.

Since very limited information and resources are available about the above mentioned sacred, religious and important historical site located on the Nilachala Hills, through this website efforts has been made to provide as much diligently researched, historically accurate, reliable, and authentic information possible to the a variety of visitors, such as pilgrims, tourists, students, scholars and researchers.

This website intends to provide detailed information and also best possible help, guidance, assistance and support to people visiting the sacred sites located on the Nilachala Hills.

The website also intend to work towards ensuring the high stature and shining renown of the name, glory, and the unique religious, ritualistic, social and cultural traditions of the Kamakhya Temples’ Complex located on the Nilachala Hills.

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