Nilachala Kamakhya

Reference Library & Archives / Digital Database

Information on books, journals, documents, manuscripts, visuals, and other materials in our Reference Library and Archive collection is provided as a service to registered members of the research centre.

To become a member, you must submit a membership application with complete information using the form to be uploaded very soon. Applications are reviewed as they are received.

A Brief Note on the Reference Library:

Established in 2007, the reference library of the organization has a sizable number of rare / valuable books, journals, rare documents, manuscripts purchased / Xeroxed / Scanned / Digitized since 1996 and the process of updation, expansion and enlargement of the collection is continuously in progress since then. As part of a special strategic plan for the qualitative as well as quantitative enhancement of the material and rapid expansion of the Reference Library, since 2011 more emphasis and special attention has been given towards purchase of important rare and valuable books, journals, documents, etc. relevant to the subjects of interest of the organization. Presently the collections of the Reference Library covers the following subjects: History; Anthropology; Archaeology; Religion; Karmakanda & Gyankanda (Ritual Process & Guidelines); Ethnography; Art & Architecture; Mythology; Religious History; Religious Philosophy; Religious Literature; Tantra & Tantric Studies; Linguistic Study; Indology; Oriental Studies; Music; North-East India Studies; Indigenous Traditional Knowledge; Folklore Studies; Esoteric Studies; South-East Asian Studies; Ancient Geography; Explorations in North-East India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and Tibet; Memoirs & Reports of Post Independence Period; Maps; Proceedings of Seminars (only on relevant subjects); Research Papers (only on relevant subjects); Ethnobotany; Ethnomedicine. At present a sizable number titles on the subjects mentioned above are available with the Reference Library. The organization is currently engaged in the process of cataloging the collection of the Reference Library along with a synopsis or extract on the content of each title and convert the catalogue into a searchable database for the easy access and comfort of the readers.

A brief Note on the Archive / Digital Database:

Archive (Digital and Hard Copy)

Established in 2009, the archive of the organization has a large number of rare books, journals, manuscripts, inscriptions, maps, etc. collected as per the vision, mission and objectives / initiatives of the organization. The organization is currently in the process of digitizing the entire archive, which will be digitized and cataloged in a searchable database.

Creation of Archive / Digital Database of Still and Moving Images

This project is in progress. The organization intends to create a archive / database of the socio-religious, socio-cultural, ethnographic, socio-anthropological elements; religious history; customs; traditions; festivals; etc. of the communities as well as the history, tradition, sculpture, archaeology and architecture of the religious sites of the North-East India.

Creation of Digital Audio Database/Archive

The project is in progress. The organization intends to create a digital audio archive / database of the musical traditions, devotional songs, hymns, prayers, and rhythms of the communities as well as of the religious sites of the North-East India.

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