Nilachala Kamakhya


One of the primary initiatives of the Foundation for History and Heritage Studies is to collect, produce, and publish documentation on all subjects relating to Kamarupa and the Kamakhya temple complex. To date, we have published a book in Assamese and Bengali (Hindi and English translations are in progress), as well as numerous articles.

Following is a list of our current books.


Assamese-Book-Coverśrī śrī kāmākhyā devī āru kāmrūpar māhātmya (Assamese) [ISBN 978-93-80247-10-6]

śrī śrī kāmākhyā devī evaṁ kāmrūper māhātmya (Bengali) [ISBN 978-93-80247-11-3]

Compiled & Edited by Rajib Sarma
Published in June 2011 by Assam Book Hive (Mr. Dhiraj Goswami and Mr. Baharul Islam)
M.L.N. Road, Panbazar
Guwahati (Assam)

This book is an exploratory research based compilation on the religious, ritualistic, religiosocial, socio-cultural, mythological and historical tradition Kamakhya Temples Complex or Kamakhya Group of Temples and Kamarupa. The compilation is done from materials collected from Kalikapuranam, Yoginitantram, Rudrayamalam, Kamakhya Tantram, Nila Tantram, Kubjika Tantram, Brahmapuranam, Lingapuranam, Devipuranam, Devi Bhagavatam, Mahabhagavatam, Mahacinacara Tantram, Mahabharata, Niruttara Tantram, Matsyasuktam, Smriti Jyotish Samgraha, Sri Sri Chandi, Kularnava Tantram, Kamarupa Shasanavali, Darang Raj Vamshavali, Mahakalasamhita, Tarabhaktisudharnava, Kaulavali, Tantrasamgraha, and Woodroffe’s Tantrik Text Series. The shlokas which are related to the subject of the book were taken from these documents, translated from Sanskrit to Assamese and Bengali, and then arranged thematically into eleven chapters.

The book starts with a brief description on Ancient history of Pragjyotishpura, Shaktism in Kamarupa, History of Kamakhya and a note on the following chapters of the book.

Chapter I: The glory of Kamarupa

Chapter II: The glory of Sri Sri Kamakhya Yonipeetha

Chapter III: The sequence for Darshana of Sri Sri Kamakhya Yonipeetha is described along with the procedure and related Mantras

Chapter IV: The importance of Darshan and worship of Devi Kamakhya

Chapter V: The glory of Dasamahavidya, Pancha Shiva, Bhairava, other deities and sacred ponds located in the Nilachala Hills along with elaboration on the process of their darshan, worship and related mantras

Chapter VI: The glory of the temples, deities, sacred places, sacred ponds, etc. located in Kamarupa along with elaboration on the process of their darshan, worship and mantra

Chapter VII: The story of creation of the River Brahmaputra and its glory along with the procedure of worship

Chapter VIII: The importance of Kumari Puja, the glory of Kumari, and worship of Kumari in the form of Goddess along with the procedure of worship, Mantra and Stotra

Chapter IX: The Ambubachi festival of the Kamakhya Group of Temples is described in a detailed manner

Chapter X: Vali or Bali (Sacrifice) is described in detail

Chapter XI: 108 names of Shiva as per Yoginitantram, Stuti Mantra (Prayer mantra) of Devi Kamakhya as per the Yoginitantra, and text of the rock inscription of the different temples, sacred places, and sacred ponds of Nilachala Hills and Kamarupa is presented for the reference of the readers

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