Nilachala Kamakhya


The Kamarupa system of astrology is in practice since the place was known as Pragjyotishpura, the kingdom of mythical Narakasura which later came to be known as the historical Kamarupa. Mention of Pragjyotishpura and Kamarupa can be also found in the epics i.e. Mahabharata and Ramayana as also in some of the Puranas.

The Sanskrit word Pragjyotishpura is constructed with three words, i.e. “Prag”, “Jyotisha” and “Pura” which means “City of Eastern Astrology.” Hence from the word Pragjyotishpura, it can be understood that, a unique system of astrology exist in Kamarupa from the ancient times. The Kamarupa system of astrology is still in practice and the analysis done with this system is very precise and accurate.

We provide help and assistance for getting astrological analysis done through the Kamarupa system. Person(s) seeking help and assistance for the same needs to send correct information on ‘date of birth’, ‘time of birth’ and ‘place of birth’. Apart from the information we feel that, it is also important for us to discuss with the person seeking assistance to clearly understand the few specific points / issues for doing a more precise and realistic analysis of the horoscope.

Please contact us using the mobile numbers and email ID given below before sending the information for horoscope analysis.

Mobile: +91 93655 16724 and +91 69004 38920
Email: info [at] kamakhya [dot] org

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