In the interest of ensuring accuracy and authenticity in international academic research on the Kamakhya Temples’ Complex and its traditions, Rajib Sarma provides research assistance and guidance to scholars in the field.

Rajib Sarma is a hereditary Chandipathak priest and Purnabhisheka Sadhaka of the Kulacara Tantra Marga of the Kamakhya Temples’ Complex. He has conducted extensive exploratory study, research and documentation on history; demography; archaeology; socio-cultural tradition; biodiversity at large with a special emphasis on diversity of cultivated plants; traditional knowledge; ethnographic traditions; socio-religious & ritualistic tradition; tantric & esoteric traditions with a special emphasis on North Eastern Region of India since 1998.

Current Research Project Assistance

For over a decade, Rajib Sarma has provided research assistance to several international scholars on theses and research projects pertaining to the Kamakhya Temples’ Complex and Kamarupa.

Currently he is formally affiliated as an on-site research coordinator for PhD candidates and Post Graduate student currently conducting research with the following institutions:

Department of Philosophy and Religion
California Institute of Integral Studies
1453 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94103, USA

Italian Institute of Oriental Studies (ISO)
Sapienza University of Rome
Via Principe Amedeo 182b
Rome 00185 Italy

Department of Art
Brooklyn College
The City University of New York
2900 Bradford Ave., Brooklyn
NY 11210-2889, USA

Please contact us using the mobile numbers and email ID given below for seeking research assistance.

Mobile: +91 93655 16724 and +91 69004 38920
Email: info [at] kamakhya [dot] org

Kalikapurana Manuscript, part of the archives of Rajib Sarma and the Foundation for History and Heritage Studies. (Photo courtesy of Kulasundari Devi, © 2008)
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