Nilachala Kamakhya

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As one of the most important seats of Hindu Goddess worship, as well as a historically important center of Shaktism and Tantra, its location in the lush Nilacala Hills above the mighty Brahmaputra River make the Kamakhya group of temples a truly powerful and memorable tourist destination. An increasingly popular destination for pilgrims and tourists, we receive guests from every state of India, and from many countries throughout the world.

We are creating interactive guides for visitors of all kinds, to help you learn more about how to get here, how to arrange religious services during your visit, and to understand the history and heritage of Kamarupa and the Northeast.

A Tourism & Pilgrimage Guide to Kamakhya »

A Tourist Guide to Assam  » (Coming Soon)

A Tourist Guide to the States of Northeast India  » (Coming Soon)

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