The Kamakhya Temples Complex is located at the center of Guwahati city. It is easy to reach from all parts of India by air or train. Buses, Taxis, and Auto-rickshaws are plentiful, as well.


By Air

The LNGB International Airport features frequent daily service to and from Guwahati via all major airlines, such as Indian Airlines/Air India, Jet Airways, Spice Jet, Go Air, Jet Lite, Air Asia, Vistara and IndiGo, and more. Please use your preferred airline to reach Guwahati.

The distance from the airport to the Kamakhya Temples Complex is about 20 km.

There is a pre-paid taxi stand at the airport, as well as a number of independent taxi drivers outside, with whom you can negotiate directly if you feel comfortable doing so.

Buses and taxis run (continuously) during the flight hours from the airport and are easily available.


By Train

Guwahati is also well connected by train to all major cities in India. The distance to Kamakhya Temples Complex from Kamakhya Junction is approximately 3 km, and the distance from Guwahati Railway Station is about 7 km.

Buses, Auto-rickshaw and taxis run nearly 24 hours from the railway station to the Kamakhya Temples Complex. If your trip is during the day or early evening, you may wish to use an Auto-rickshaw or a Taxi.


Taxi and Autorickshaw

Taxi and Autorickshaw from various regions of Guwahati to the Auto-rickshaw are available (the one way cost will depend upon the distance and time of day, to be negotiated with the driver). Fares going up the hill are often more expensive than those going back down, due to the extra fuel necessary. Fares are by negotiation only, meters are generally not in use. Return fare can often be negotiated at a slightly better rate than one way fares in each direction, depending on the driver.


On Foot

There are also two well maintained and historic stone staircases from the bottom of the hill to the Kamakhya Temples Complex, and the time needed to ascend the hill will vary according to your own ability.


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